Post Natal Doula

Postnatal Doula


  • As your Postnatal Doula I will be there to help facilitate a smooth transition into parenthood. The early weeks of life with a new baby are undoubtedly wonderful and exciting but can also be overwhelming as you adjust to your new life and recover from the birth. In many cultures women are encouraged to spend time resting and bonding with their new baby and to be free from the routine practicalities. By taking away some of these practical pressures and by ensuring that you are well fed and rested a doula enables you the time and space to bond and listen to your new baby. This is critical in the success of establishing good feeding and sleeping patterns later on.
  • The early weeks can also be quite isolating and to have a companion with you to share knowledge and experience can be invaluable. Research has indicated that having consistent and continuous support in the early weeks can help lower the incidence of Postnatal depression – we were never meant to do this alone!
  • I firmly believe that the transition into parenthood deserves patience, time and a quiet trust in our intuition as we discover and develop our skills and abilities to nurture a new life. I aim to create a calm and reassuring environment where you are able to thrive as a family. The memories of these early weeks are precious and ones which are carried with us throughout life.
Sleeping beauties 🙂

A Postnatal Doula is there to help and support you in a way that will be unique to you and your family and in areas where you feel you would like support and there is always emotional support along with practical and physical support.

 Some of the benefits of having a postnatal doula include:

  • Impartial advice and support with your choices.
  • Baby feeding support
  • Help with all aspects of caring for your baby including soothing techniques
  • Mothercare, someone to talk to and share your experiences with.
  • An extra pair of hands to allow time for much needed rest and recovery.
  • Light housekeeping and ensuring you have nourishing home cooked meals