‘Her calmness and kindness is wonderful too – she won’t tell you what to do but offers suggestions and ideas which I found really helpful. Alex would literally sigh and relax when she arrived and said hello to him – and I know I felt that way too!’          Gillian 2019



‘Gentle, kind, compassionate and full of amazing tips, reference books and resources. Angela was a friend, a support and a de facto midwife all at the same time. She was particularly great at helping with any issues I had with breastfeeding, always helping me to find a way a way through’ 

‘Having Angela come in and help during the first 8 weeks of my daughter’s life was the best thing I have ever done. I have really been able to enjoy this early and precious time. Thank you!’

‘I really don’t know what I would have done without Angela’s calm, warm and reassuring presence. It made my recovery from surgery so much more manageable.’

‘Angela’s Shiatsu massages were amazing’

‘Angela’s help was brilliant – she made me feel valued, cared for and constantly reassured. We were all very sad to see her go.’

‘At all times empathetic and understanding, she never told me what to do but instead shared her wealth of information and knowledge, so I could make the right decisions for my baby. Angela always encouraged me to trust my instincts’.

‘I was particularly impressed by how easily Angela put people at ease – whether 36 hours old or 36 years old. She was a huge help and made our first 3 months with twins much easier and smoother.’

‘Angela was excellent at quickly building rapport with my older children, especially with my second child who could be difficult!’

‘Angela was a tremendous support to me and my husband at a very challenging time. She is practical, knowledgeable and has a natural and infectious warmth… and to top it all off she cooks like a dream!